Water Proofing Test Facility

Testing Equipment Name : Water Proofing Test Facility

  1. Equipment Details / Features:-
  2. Size of the Rain area : Length- 14 m X Width Adjustable from 3m to 5mXHeight 5m. Distance between Nozzles:400 mm. Total No. of Nozzles:1296. Type of Nozzles: Full cone solid spray having spray angle of 60 deg. Flow rate of Nozzle: 15 ± 0.5 LPM. Pressure of Nozzle: Upto 3 bar. Super structure to house all above.
  3. Testing Conducted
  4. Waterproofing test on all automotive vehicles with enclosed compartments for carriage of passengers/ goods, by creating test conditions similar to those in rainy seasons to which an automotive vehicle is likely to be exposed to
  5. Test Standard Followed
  6. IS:11865:Oct 2006
  7. Any other information
  8. Bus body builders, Vehicle manufacturers and testing agencies can use this facility to ensure their design meets regulations as per CMVR and also for their R&D work. This test facility can also be utilized for quality assurance & developmental work and R&D study.
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