Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Testing Equipment Name: Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

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  2. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer manufactured by M/S Perkin -Elmar, carries out simultaneous Analysis of Al, Cu, and Fe metal and their alloys .AAS Analyst 100 was double beam Spectrometer with built in keyboard control automatic wavelength and slit selection. Analyst 100 include high light double beam optical system blazed getting monochromator for performance over inter AA wavelength range. It shall provide reading in emission, absorption or concentration. There shall be built in concentration for reading analytical results, calibration curve peak. The burner system include a high strength mixing chamber for chemical resistance ,an adjustable universal Ger-Tip corrosion resistance nebulizer and all titanium 10-cm air acetylene burner head .The equipment AA 100 gas control shall include flow control for air –nitrous oxide and acetylene and automatic sequencing of gases when lighting or extinguishing flame.
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  4. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is used for Following Analysis. a)Steel b)Copper Alloys C)Aluminum Alloys.
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  6. Direct Reading Spectrometer comply with requirement laid down in ASTM ,BIS, DIN,JIS Standard.
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